Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review! Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

Copyright 2007, Simon Pulse

Let go. Give up. Give in. Bloom.

Lauren has been abandoned by her mother when she was 6, this leads to her worrying constantly that she'll turn into her mother - the wild woman who couldn't be held behind by love, family or curtesy for the child she brought into the world. Dad's busy. It's understandable, he makes houses. Gigantic luxory homes. Let's say Lauren is comfortable. So here's Lauren. Decent looking. Abandoned. Perfect boyfriend. Not completely accepted at school. Comfortable. Deepest conversation with the bestie? Nail Polish. Eeeks. But hey, comfort and security mean a lot when you're a kid whose mom ditched out and dad's too busy to stay home and off the phone.

You ever notice I link most things to music? If it's romance involved it's almost always at Taylor Swift song...don't quit reading because I said that if you don't like Taylor :) I promise, it works here!
When I read this I kept thinking about the song: The Way I Loved You. 

When she was younger one of dad's many girlfriends had a son. Whose name is Evan. Lauren and Evan eventually formed a mutual respect, friendship and then bond. Only to find Lauren abandoned by this friend, but because of her father. Her father who doesn't remember the boy he once called "family" years later. That's right folks, it's been years and much to her surprise Evan is back and all grown up.

So how does it relate to the song? I'll tell you. In the song there's a girl who has the "perfect guy" the guy that says and does all things correctly. The guy that brings you to a place called "comfortable." The only difference is that my interpertation of the song is that she's dated the guy who takes her emotions on a roller coaster ride. Lauren hasn't. Heck he was supposed to be some kind of sibling!

Brooding Evan with dark hair that falls the only way it should on a brooding man, it brushes into his eyes. Guess who wants to brush it away? :) It's more complicated than that though. Does she want this? She has a perfect boyfriend! One that already talks about marriage, takes her to church, has the perfect family! Security. Comfort. Holding everything together. So why does she want to be around Evan so much?

Brushing away that piece of hair is more than just a movement. It's brushing away the world she lives in. Giving up on the security that has become her blanket. It's giving in to the fear that you just might be the person who's burned you the worst. But it could be the chance to see who you are, who you want to be, if you're willing to let yourself bloom.

Here's a video of Taylor singing The Way I Loved You live, in concert. Yep. Fangirl moment. No, it's not my video but I remember it vividly!! Can't wait for July! *squeals jumping up and down with Laci K*


  1. OH MY GOD I cant wait....I'm going to start a count down on my

  2. I've only read 2 EScott books. I wasn't very impressed with the first that I read (Living Dead Girl) but I just finished Something, Maybe and I loved it! I'm really excited for Elizabeth Scott week coming up! :)

    I'm interested now in reading more ES, so this is definitely one that I will have to look into!