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Review: Stork by Wendy Delsol

Wendy Delsol
Copyright 2010, Candlewick

This is a story of fate. The destined fate of two kids and the lives that are impacted by knowing them. On a shaky leg I started reading about a girl who has recently been inducted into a secret society of Storks. She's young and their all old, they're all Nordic but these women are old school. And they're creepy. And one of them seems to hate her. Kat's not really sure how she feels about this, I mean, she doesn't even like the town she's been forced to move to and then there was this weird bug infection on her scalp or something that just made it itch like crazy...which stopped when she got in with the crazy old ladies. She's got no friends, had a crazy make-out session gone wrong with the guy who turns out to be the king of the school (who has an uber jealous girlfriend who is pretty evil herself) and barely escaped unscathed. But she's a fighter and so she'll put it past her and hope to make the best out of this life before she can go away to design college in Paris. So who is this Jack kid and why is he giving her attitude? Really, she was only speaking the truth- the town needs to make a profit or it's going to be taken over by developers - it's common thought! At school she finally meets someone she can talk to, I mean she doesn't compare to her LA friends, but she's cool and she's got a spot for her at lunch - bonus. Ah and then the bonus is taken away, jerky Jack is the Chief of the school newspaper, the strings attached to having somewhere to sit at lunch. Either way, it's a seat and Kat can write about fashion so she'll deal with it. But why can't she stop thinking about him?

Stork takes you on a pretty nice trail around a small town in Minnesota and the mysticism that surrounds it. I'll admit I wasn't sure what I thought about it at first. I picked it up because...don't judge me...I liked the cover. And it was at my closing Borders so I thought hey why not! I never gave a second thought to the thought that the name of the book was "Stork" and that Kat was inducted into a secret Stork Society. What do Storks do? Someone? Anyone? They deliver babies. I honestly didn't make the baby connection so when we find out, along with Kat, that that's what these women do I was little lost. I won't say disappointed but it just seemed odd. And it shouldn't have because really, all the books I read are odd. And I work in an OB office so pregnancy is something I see day in and day out but the idea here is that this group of women actually choose the woman that this baby will be placed in. But where, may I ask, is the kissing? I like to swoon. And dreams of babies don't make me swoon, dang it!

Oh hey, there it is! While Kat fights to realize that she thinks of Jack A LOT he ends up asking her to the Homecoming Dance, which she doesn't see coming at all. And it's kind of adorable. Jack's a legit good guy, he's kind and loyal and always seems to be the go-to guy. And Kat is opinionated and strong willed and fashion forward so they don't seem like the ideal match at first glance- which is why it's perfect that they end up together. I really enjoyed them and seeing the struggles that they go through. There was even a great piece of excitement involving an opposing group of evil, Ravens, and the diabolical plan one of them has. This horrid plan involves killing Jack while Kat watches. She's dealing with all of this while having just decieded which of the three women she's dreamt of will carry a child. Did I mention she knows all three women and has great reasons for each of them both to and not to be the childs mother?

I admit, when I first started I thought "oooh..not sure about this one..." and Hubby even looked at me surprised. But the next night after work I curled up on the couch and started again and before I knew it I was swooning and turning page after page. I finished it and he looked at me warily, "Sooo?" Lets understand something here, Hubby doesn't really read. I blab on and on about books and he always sits and "listens" but I didn't think he actually wanted to know :) So I was kinda excited! The end result?

I liked it! Don't pick this book up looking for a super serious- changes the way you view the world- kind of read. Pick it up because you want to read about very basic things in a very fun way. Who should be a parent? Do you wish it on them for the right reasons? Why is this guy being a jerk? Maybe he's had a rough life? Excitement, family, love and forgotten memories all come to the forefront in an easy read. Delsol writes in a very conversational style. It's kinda like reading a conversation with your blogger friends :) I liked Jack from the get go, so I won't say he grew on me. And he's got some pretty special stuff going on in his life too so I know he'll understand Kat's crazy life. It's good for them to be together :) I also liked the way this book ended. There's definite room for a sequel but the big questions are answered so you aren't left feeling crazy if it is to remain a stand-alone. (Which it's not, watch for Frost to debut in October 2011!! October is shaping up to be a hot month for good books!)

There's more to it than even what I have here, it's got visions of bravery and fear as well as jealousy and dancing. So go ahead, pick it up and enjoy the ride :)

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  1. I have seen this bad boy in the store millions of times. Eh, it doesn't really sound like something I'd like. But I still like your review! :)