5 Tips for Packing Plants When Moving Out

If you’re moving out, then you should contact the list of reliable movers Oklahoma City can provide you with. However, it’s not going to be easy for plant lovers. If you travel as far as two miles with your house plants, expect them to get traumatized. That’s why you need to take note of the following tips when moving houseplants.

Watch the Temperatures

Your indoor house plants are like people. It means that they’re sensitive to temperature changes. Your plants are better off with a range of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, when you’re transporting your plants, get them in a place where they receive adequate heat. It’s better to expose them to direct sunlight.

Protect Them From the Elements

You should protect your plants from the elements, especially freezing weather. Use sleeves, or paper tubes to protect your plants when you’re moving during the winter. This will give your plants enough time to bundle up. This method is similar to hugging a plant. Repot your plants into unbreakable plastic pots. Prune your larger plants, and treat them against pests beforehand. Also, check with the local authorities whether you can cross the state border with your plants.

Secure Your Plants in the Truck

Secure the plants using bubble wraps while placing them in boxes with paper. Then move them to the truck’s cargo area but not on the sides or top. Keep your plants away from the sides or roof as the cold could hurt their leaves.

Load House Plants As Quickly As You Can

Indoor household plants don’t like to stay in any wrapper or temporary condition. Thus, don’t move plants until the day that you’re finally moving out. Just prepare the materials beforehand anyway. Some plants may undergo transplant shock, so they might temporarily wither. Don’t repot them right away.

Expect Adjustment

Expect your plants to encounter some degree of trauma. Don’t worry if some will lose their leaves or wither a bit. That’s a natural reaction for some plants that are still adjusting to the new climate or soil.

Some Final Words

Get some help from the best movers Oklahoma City can provide you with. The staff can help you with your plants when you’re moving out.