Automated Guided Vehicles

How Automated Guided Vehicles Can Help Your Company Grow

Companies use automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to transport raw materials, finished products and even work-in-process. AGVs can prevent interruption in the manufacturing process since they can consistently and reliably deliver raw materials. They can transport the finished products to support production lines.

Companies can, therefore, use automated guided vehicles to increase their productivity, improve their manufacturing flexibility and improve their production. It is easy and fast to use AGVs to transport materials to the production lines.

Here is how automated guided vehicles can help your company grow:

Increase Productivity and Accuracy

Human beings are more likely to make mistakes. If you rely on human workers to transport materials in your facility, it can lead to inaccurate workflows. Also, human workers cannot work throughout the day.

You can use AGVs to increase output, reduce waste and increase accuracy. You can also use your AGVs throughout the day to increase your productivity. If you can increase accuracy and productivity, your company grows quickly.

Increase Safety

You can safely use your AGVs around structures and personnel because they come with sensors, such as lasers and cameras. It is, however, risky to use forklifts to transport materials in a facility.

In addition, human workers are more likely to get tired or become distracted, so they can cause accidents in your facility. It is also safe to use AGVs around hazardous materials and in extreme cold or heat.

Increasing safety can reduce operational downtime and reduce costs. AGVs can, therefore, help boost the profits of your company.

Laser-Guided Navigation

Some AGVs use laser-guided navigation. It is cheaper to use laser-guided technology since it is easy to install. In fact, it does not require floor work. It can help improve the accuracy of your AGVs.

It is even easy to modify and change the routes. The laser-guide navigation can ensure maximum flexibility for your company’s logistics. Improving your company’s logistics can lower your costs, improve efficiencies, and increase production rates.

Reduce Labour Costs

Your company can invest in automated guided vehicles to reduce labour. If you decide to replace your human workers, you will just pay once for your automated guided vehicle.

If you are, however, relying on human workers to transport raw materials and finished goods in your facility, you will spend more money on salary increases, payroll taxes, healthcare coverage, vacation time, and more.

It is cheaper to use AGVs in the long term.

It is Easy to Add Additional Automated Guided Vehicles

You do not have to purchase several AGVs at once. You can start with one or two AGVs. If you can start with one or two, you will not spend so much money on your AGVs.

You can expand your fleet over time. As your fleet expands, your company grows. Therefore, if you cannot afford to purchase several AGVs at once, it is better to start with one. As your company grows, you can add additional automated guided vehicles.

It Saves Time

AGVs can lower the work-in-process time to increase manufacturing throughput. They can, therefore, help your company improve delivery performance, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction.

In Summary

Automated guided vehicles can help companies improve accuracy and productivity, reduce labour costs, save time, and increase profits. You can, therefore, use them to grow your company