Maintenance Tips for Industrial Blenders


Stainless steel mixers are used primarily in food industries because of their durability, ease of cleaning, and neutral nature. Although most of these sealed motor units require no maintenance, there are easy steps operators can take to keep industrial blenders running efficiently and smoothly.

Why Do You Need Regular Maintenance On Mixers?

While industrial mixers generally can last for years in a food manufacturing system, without regular checking and maintenance, they can become useless easily, and you would need new equipment to replace the old one. To preserve the quality and integrity of your current equipment and prevent further erosion, qualified operators will need to do weekly and monthly maintenance checks. Maintenance of mixers falls into four main categories for inspection of leaks or breaks, checking if all grease points are lubricated, and making sure all the auto-lubing reservoirs are at the proper levels. Here are maintenance tips per category to keep your equipment at its best quality:

  • Category no 1: Drive Motor

Drive motors of industrial mixers need to be carefully checked weekly for dirt, dust, residue, and vibration. If any of these problems are left for long periods, it can lead to overheating of the motor and shortening of its working lifespan.

  • Category no 2: Gear Reducer

Inspecting the gear reducer weekly includes checking for the presence of unusual noises, spotting of leaks, and cleaning the breather.

  • Category no 3: Pneumatic Filter-Regulator

Check the machine’s filter for plugging and the presence of dirt. Then, drain the bowls if necessary. 

  • Category no 4: Emergency Stop Button

In every weekly maintenance routine, it’s essential to test the emergency stop button to check if it’s still working. If ever an accident occurs, an emergency button to stop the blender from operating would be your lifesaver. Check if it’s working properly by pushing the button while the mixer is running. This is to ensure the safety of workers and the quality of your products.


Save money and protect your investment by regularly conducting a maintenance check on your equipment. It’s the best way to extend the life of your existing machine and receive the same high-quality benefits for years.  Moreover, work with people who are well knowledgeable about such machines. Choose experienced and expert operators who will do a complete check-up of your blender and know how to replace or repair any worn out parts with identical or often better equivalents for much less than the cost of a new expensive machine.