Deciding on what material to use while making an extension can be a taunting task. A lot of options exist when it comes to house extensions which do not really help with the decision making. For extension material, options include cherry, oak, and mahogany among others.

Oak is one of the most used wood. There are two types of oak; red oak and white oak. White oak features slightly longer grains than red oak. White oak is mostly preferred for extension needs and furniture because of its resistance to moisture. If well taken care of, oak is likely to last forever.

Why should you use oak extension?

1. Oak gives off a sense of character. The uniqueness and distinct characteristics is guaranteed to add character to your home. Its wavy grain gives it a very distinctive look. Cracks may appear but this only solidifies the character aspect.

2. Durable. Oak is a heavy hard wood that is relatively stronger and sturdier than any other wood. Like wine, oak gets better with age. The more it dries out, the stronger it gets while the hinges grip even better. Oak hardly ever wears out. White oak is also resistant to moisture making it even more durable. Its durable nature is the reason oak has been used to build boats and other vessels.

3. Flexibility. Oak extensions can be customized in any way to suit your needs. You can choose to go the traditional way of using oak throughout the structure or embrace modern architecture by using glass in between the apertures. Oak can be curved or shaped it in any deign that you desire.

4. Less expensive. In comparison with other hardwoods in its category like cherry, oak is relatively cheaper considering the value that you get in the end.

5. Accessibility. Oak, unlike many hardwoods is easily accessible in local home centers. Oak is one of the most available hardwoods. This saves time and gives you plenty of choice and freedom.

6. Easy to work with. Oak wood is easily customizable as you can easily cut, coat, stain, varnish and paint it without really interfering with its composition.

8. Easy to maintain. Oak wood require almost zero maintenance. Apart from the strength and durability, oak does don decay and neither can they be attacked by pests and rodents.

Disadvantages of using oak

1. Oak wood is very heavy. Its heavy nature is a disadvantage in that it makes working on it difficult.
2. Oak has a very high tannin staining ability. This could lead stains on the surface of the wood over time.