What You Need To Know About Regular Koi Pond Maintenance


Koi ponds can be a beautiful addition to any backyard garden, especially in conjunction with other waterworks you may have going on, but they also require a major amount of maintenance to maintain clean waterways and in order to keep the koi in that pond healthy. While some people get frustrated at the idea of maintenance, and it is definitely understandable considering the amount of work that needs to be done. However, for the absolutely perfectly peaceful and beautiful backyard, those efforts are often very much worth it.

Understanding The Basics
Whenever you prepare to clean out a koi pond, you need to first remove the koi. This means having an appropriately sized holding aquarium (obviously filled), the proper fish nets, and the full array of dirty work clothes that you can get wet and smelly without worry – because this process is not going to be possible without really getting in there.

Step One:
Safely remove the koi from the pond. Make sure to have good temporary aquariums setup so they don’t get sick or shocked during the time they are out of their home while you are going through your koi pond maintenance.

Step Two:
Skim all the surface crud first. Leaves, twigs, grass, pond scum, whatever it is there are almost bound to be a lot of crud and trimmings in the water. You want to skim all of this first before you drain the pond. This is the easiest time to get all the debris out of the way.

Step Three:
After a thorough skimming to remove all the surface debris this is the time where you drain the water using a pump. When the water is out you want to thoroughly clean the pool, as well as clean out the filter and put in a new one as needed. Depending on the full setup of your koi pond there are several different things to look out for, but the key is to clean out as much as possible to make sure you’re starting with a clean filter, a clean pool bed, and clean water.

Step Four:
Don’t re-use the old water. You want 100% completely new and fresh water to make sure that all your koi pond maintenance work isn’t for nothing. Once the pond is completely re-filled then you can return the koi to their home.

In Conclusion
When it comes to koi pond maintenance, there are many steps that you need to take in order to keep these wonderful backyard decorations at their best.