Basement Remodeling

How I Found The Best Home Lower Level Basement Remodeling

When my husband and I bought our home we knew it was going to need lots of work. We wanted to start with the basement since it was pretty much unlivable. It was leaking when it rained and we were unable to store anything down there because of the mildew that was caused by the leaking. My husband started searching for a company that offered the best home lower level basement remodeling around.

Since we were new to the area, we didn’t know who to ask for the best advice. My husband started by asking his co-workers if they knew of any companies that could remodel a basement. He heard a little from his co-workers, but not enough to make a good decision about which company to hire.

I decided to go on my Facebook and find local groups for the town we live in. I added myself to these groups and asked there if anyone could recommend any companies that do the best home lower level basement-remodeling. I got a few recommendations and one person gave me a website to go to that had information about all of the contractors in the area that offered remodeling.

I went to that website which was Home Advisor’s website. I typed in basement remodeling and got results for several companies in the area. I was able to go to the page of each one of them and find an overall rating for their work. I could also see how long they had been in business and reviews and pictures from previous customers that had hired them.

Later that evening after finding the website, I showed it to my husband. I told him I would let him look through it and see which company he thought would be the best one to hire. He showed me the one he thought would be the best based on reviews and their overall grade. He said he would call them in the morning to see what they could tell him over the phone.

The next day my husband called me and told me he made arrangements for them to come over and give us an estimate on the work and they would tell us what all they would have to do.

After talking to them we hired them and they did a great job on the remodeling. It’s livable and usable space now that we have turned into our home gym.