Oak Timber

Really Love The Oak Timber Beams In My New Home

My husband and I bought a home several years ago. We liked the location, but knew that eventually we wanted to build a new home. We came across some property for sale that was a really great deal and we both thought it would be a great place to build a home. We bought the property and then we started talking about building our new home. We talked about how large we wanted it to be and the type of layout we wanted.

Since we had been talking about our new home, I started looking for ideas on the Internet. We both wanted it to be exactly what we wanted and didn’t want to miss out on any details or build it and then realize that we liked something different. All of the ideas I found I saved so I could show my husband and we could discuss if we wanted it or how we could add it into our home. That’s when I came across a home that had oak timber beams throughout it. I really loved this look and always did, but it wasn’t something that we had really discussed doing. I saved some of the pictures I found of homes with oak timber beams and I showed them to my husband. We both agreed that we wanted to do something like this in our home. We thought it would go perfect with our open floor plan that we had talked about too. Since he was on board with this plan, I found more ideas and saved them. As I found them, I showed them to him. We finally figured out exactly what we wanted and we started searching for a home builder that could make our dream home a reality.

My husband talked to several people to see who they recommended to build our home. He talked to a few contractors and was able to find the one that he wanted to hire after hearing so many great things about them. We hired them and they built our home just as we wanted it done. We love the home and the set up of it. The oak beams throughout the home was a great choice. We love the way it looks. It gives our home a rustic feel and it’s just what we wanted to have in our home.