Prohibited Items When Visiting The United States Under ESTA Visa


An ESTA Visa gives its holder the right and convenience of visa-free travel to the United States. And its 90-day validity is a perfect choice for short-term travelers. But there are still regulations in place, and some items are not allowed to be imported into the United States during your travel. 

Food And Alcohol

There are no federal restrictions on alcohol transported with the traveler to the United States, provided it is for personal consumption. But there are regulations, however, by agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA decreed that drinks to be carried into the country whose alcohol content is between 24 to 70 percent is limited to 5 liters per person. Alcohol of more than 70% is prohibited, while those below 24% are not restricted. 

Do note that spirits are limited in quantity when hand-carried, and only those aged 21 above may bring alcohol into the country.  Prohibited food includes meats and food containing meat, liquid food such as liquid cheeses and milk, citrus and citrus seeds, and raw nuts. Infant food, including fluid milk for infants, are permissible only in small quantities. 

Drugs and Medications

Once in the US, medications, and drugs are under the authority of American agencies, including the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Rohypnol is prohibited in the United States and may not be brought into the country, even when you have a prescription for it. Street drugs are also illegal to transport to the US. 

All medications, whether generic or brand, must be approved by the FDA before being imported to the US. It is also advised that they are stored inside its original packaging with the instructions by the physician printed on the labeling. 


Dogs and cats of ESTA Visa-approved UK travelers are required to be of sound health and have been vaccinated against rabies. Airlines have their own requirements and policies regarding traveling with animals and pets, so inquire with your airline about their regulations.


Plants, fruits, and vegetables brought into the USA are examined on a case-to-case basis to decide whether to approve or restrict import. Tobacco products are generally permitted, provided that quantities are to be used only for personal consumption. 

Automobiles imported to the US are subject to emissions and safety control. Firearms are heavily restricted, and biological materials to be brought to the US must be declared according to CBP regulations. Items from US-sanctioned countries such as Syria, Iran, and Sudan. 

An approved ESTA Visa is one of the more trouble-free solutions for travel to the United States. To further avoid trouble, take note of these considerations. Understanding the restrictions in place regarding prohibited items will result in a smooth application and boarding process